Facts You Should Know About Medicaid admin March 24, 2022

Facts You Should Know About Medicaid

Medicaid is a joint-funded project between America’s federal and state governments to provide health benefits to its citizens. These health benefits are available to children, pregnant women, elderly adults, people with disabilities, and adults with little or no income who have been vetted and are eligible for these health benefits. It provides a wide range of health and long-term care services. Medicaid coverage has grown over the years, and since the last enrollment report in September 2021, it was reported that Medicaid provides health coverage to over 77.9 million people.

Function of Medicaid

The primary function of Medicaid is to provide medical benefits for free or at low costs to eligible persons. The eligible individuals who benefit from this project include:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children
  • People within the age group of 65 and over
  • People with disabilities
  • Adults with minimal income

Factors that can affect your eligibility for Medicaid

When applying for Medicaid, there are various requirements to be met before receiving health coverage, and these requirements differ for different people. The requirements for eligibility can be based on income level, age, if you’re pregnant, the number of persons in your family, disability, or a combination of two or more of the above mentioned. However, it can be broadly grouped into two categories, namely:

Non-financial eligibility

  • Individuals receiving Medicaid benefits must generally be residents of the state from which they are receiving Medicaid.
  • People can only be beneficiaries of Medicaid if they are citizens of the United States or non-citizens who have been appropriately vetted.
  • Individuals can be eligible for Medicaid coverage due to physical disadvantages. Some individuals in this category include age-appropriate citizens (65 and older) and people with disabilities.

Financial eligibility

  • Financial eligibility is one of the most significant factors that can affect your eligibility for Medicaid. After proper evaluation, the state provides Medicaid health benefits to people with limited financial income and resources.
  • There are different Medicaid programs for different people, and your eligibility depends on if you meet the requirements for a certain program.


On average, Medicaid provides health coverage to at least one in five Americans and benefits diverse populations. It acts as a lifeline for millions of people with low income and vulnerable individuals in society. Research has shown people with Medicaid benefits have a

Impressive access to care has also helped reduce the mortality rate among pregnant women and children.


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